Self-knowledge, Self-selection, Self-direction

A relationship with Triceps means getting to know your business better, but also your management, staff and of course yourself. Because Triceps starts from the individual – that’s where the basis for change, for improvement, lies. Our consultants and coaches know the tricks of the trade and know that self-knowledge is the seedbed for effective change. Always learning, fanning the flames of growth. New fuel for talent, fresh oxygen for ambition. Self-knowledge, Self-selection, Self-direction. Personal leadership according to Triceps. That is the path we take. We get you and your organisation to look inside. Because inside is where the value lies, that is where the strength is.

Our people have put in the hard yards on all fronts, they have come up against obstacles and overcome them, resulting in thoroughly grounded expertise and rich networks which always form the basis for practical solutions – at strategic, tactical and implementing levels. Interim management, search, outplacement, coaching. And we can anchor our knowledge in supervisory boards or advisory bodies. Evolution has taught us that adaptation is the basis for continuity. Which makes Triceps a very natural choice.